Here at Heavenly Wings we understand that a pets passing is a difficult and emotional time. We are here to help with the next steps in taking the best care of your dearly departed pet as we understand they are beloved family members.

We offer two types of cremation services:

Private cremation and Communal cremation.

A private cremation is for those who would like to have their pets ashes returned to them. Your  pet will be assigned a stainless steel tag with a number that is unique to them, and it will  follow them through the entire cremation process. The tag and your pet will be returned to you in a white tin urn decorated with black and grey paw prints. We also provide a certificate that will have your pets name, date of passing and the corresponding tag number included. Private pet cremation costs are determined by your pet’s weight.  Please contact us for specific pet cremation pricing.

A communal cremation is for those who do not wish to have their pets the ashes returned.

 To help you memorialize and honor your beloved pet, we offer a variety of urns, local handmade items, jewelry, hair clippings and clay paw prints.

Please call for pricing on all goods and services.


Heavenly Wings Pet Cremation

~Forever in our hearts~