Light Pewter w/ Brass dbl. paw Odyssey Urn

Dark Pewter w/ Silver single paw Odyssey Urn

Cedar Lock Box Urn

Camo Urn

Standard Private Cremation Urns 

Birch Picture Urn 

​Cat Silhouette Urn

Lotus Blossom Urn

​Heavenly Wings Pet Cremation

Baby Blue and Pink Urns

      Raku Odyssey Urn 

Leaping Cats Urn

​Love Heart Urn

​Cherrywood Picture Urn

Classic Violet and Crimsom Urns

Stair Steps to Heaven Urn

We offer several different options to memorialize your beloved pet, such as clay paw prints, clippings of fur, local artist handmade items and a variety of urn choices. 

Cedar Picture Urn

​Carved Rosewood "Tree of Life" Urn