Light Pewter w/ Brass dbl. paw Odyssey Urn

Dark Pewter w/ Silver single paw Odyssey Urn

Baby Blue and Pink Urns

Classic Violet and Crimsom Urns

Standard Private Cremation Urns 

Cedar Picture Urn

​Love Heart Urn

Cedar Lock Box Urn

We offer several different options to memorialize your beloved pet, such as clay paw prints, clippings of fur, local artist handmade items and a variety of urn choices. 

Leaping Cats Urn

Lotus Blossom Urn

​Heavenly Wings Pet Cremation

​Carved Rosewood "Tree of Life" Urn

​Cherrywood Picture Urn

      Raku Odyssey Urn 

​Cat Silhouette Urn

Lavender Bloom Urn

Stair Steps to Heaven Urn

Birch Picture Urn